Eleven shirts dedicated to the contemporary
man, for an exclusive collection designed by one of the most extravagant men in
the italian style system.

“All men need a garment that says something about them.” A phrase that discloses a world, to rediscover a concept of “fashion” that places man back in the center. Fulfilling a need – felt and experienced – to express the timeless codes of the male personality, a collection of shirts conceived and designed by Alessandro Squarzi for BAGUTTA.

The collection embodies the interpretation of a human journey, an inquisitive mind that for thirty years has been driven by impulses, passions, stories, people and values, now ingeniously translated into an aesthetic idea even before it becomes a product. Travels to Japan, a manic passion for cottons with a powerful personality, cuts borrowed from military uniforms, and forays into an ancient culture comprised of details that meld beauty with function.

This story, this life story, gives rise to Alessandro Squarzi’s creations; every detail of every shirt – thanks to BAGUTTA’s superb craftsmanship – becomes a distinct, personal mark. Like the reinforced neckline facing that discloses the value of military-like flawlessness, with a collar that remains perfectly in place even when the shirt is worn tie-less. Or the highly functional yet aesthetically quirky idea of sewing the breast pocket on the inside, preserving without showing it: yet another solution born of creative intelligence. Or again, the label that makes a compelling statement: «Designed by one of the most extravagant men of Italian style».

The outcome of this journey through decades and latitudes is a range of 11 shirt styles, each with an ability to be meaningful, and highly personal, on every occasion experienced by the man of today, from a night on the town in a tuxedo to a new urban take on the classic jungle jacket

The warp and woof of Alessandro Squarzi’s existence can also be read in the array of BAGUTTA-certified, top-quality fabrics making up the collection, from poplin to gabardine and Japanese selvedge cotton.

Shirts created to be experienced and worn by a man with a clear perception of his own accomplished personality. Surely elegance can only be a virtue born of the soul, an attitude, and a way of being not just of men but gentlemen, as they venture through a life realized and expressed through extravagant gestures and speech, decisive and courageous, breaking rules and flouting conventions to head off in new directions, rediscovering and reprising the value of wisdom and the creative and productive cultures that wrote the history of male elegance.

Using intelligence and sensitivity to bring the values of the past into the present, and focussing on “beauty” rather than “fashion”. This is the alchemy of values that has brought together the creative soul of Alessandro Squarzi with the manufacturing expertise and first-rate fabrics of BAGUTTA. Together to share a clear awareness that while fashion may feed on the ephemeral, beauty is forged through a lifetime of learning, training, sweat and – importantly – dedication, among the craftsmen and workers who turn out something entirely wonderful and quite unique.

This collection is for the Extravagant man. The man who has gained the cultural and personal sensitivity required to choose garments capable of generating excitement, conveying an ethical culture built out of Quality, and translating it into a daily delight.